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February Feature: Diversity in Digital Marketing
Breaking News: Maria Hechanova Hires UAT Students
MaxMasks: Pandemic Inspires 3D Innovation
2021 Web Trends and Their Impact on Business
UAT Joins AZ TechCast for a Look Back and Forward
Black History Month: 5 Tech Innovations by Black Inventors
Gamers Jam Out Virtually During GGJ 2021
Steve Johnson Voted President of the UAT Foundation
Tech & Talent for Rent
Life Goes On...Line for CES 2021
What’s Trending in 2021 for InfoSec?
Wave Goodbye to 2020, Hello to 2021
SIP Showcase Demonstrates UAT Student Success
A Winning Semester Ends 2020 with a High Score
A "Star" for Christmas
The Dancing IoT Holiday Tree
Meet Professor David Utzke: Forensic Expert, Veteran, Educator, and Much More!
Interactive Tree Promotes Sustainability
Tech the Halls...
Students Battle through Design and Video in UAT Brand Wars
Avoid Cyber Steals When Shopping for Online Deals
From Student to Coworker, Perimeter83 Expands Offerings for UAT Alum
An Interview with Student Dominique Faulkner, USAF Veteran
UAT 48-Hour PSA Challenge Combats Cyber Bullying
UAT Alum Erin Ali is Playing to Win
An Interview with Stefani Johnson, Data Manager and Cyber Student
UAT Holds Virtual App-It-Up Contest
CCDC Puts UAT Students on the Offense—and the Defense
Charity Refurbathon Contest Provides More Than 100 Computers for Title 1 Schools
Professor Aaron Jones Answers the Question: Can you get hired for a cyber job when you're right out of college?
What to Watch This Season
How to Prevent Cryptojacking
Disaster is Looming
How's Your Headspace?
Summer SIP Showcase: UAT Students Present Industry Innovations
Cool New Course: Learn ELK Stack
Meet Featured Fall Student Lucas Rattigan
What I Wish I Knew Before I Went to College
2020 is All Fun and Games at UAT
Finding the Place Where Your Student Fits
Back to 'School' Safety: Online Tips for Parents of Young Kids
Job Talk with Neil Shah from Carvana
UAT Refurbathon Results in 121 Free Computers for Title 1 Schools
Cyber Criminals Hold Schools Hostage with Ransomware, FBI Warns
Lights, Camera, Discover Turns Imaginations Into Opportunity
An Interview with Alumni Terra Cooke
Mission 5: UAT in Space!
Our commitment to equality.
Alumni Randall Tatum: Leveled Up as an Gaming Entrepreneur
Seek Out Hackers Before They Sneak In
Endings Bring New Beginnings
The Yogi in the Pandemic
UAT Graduate Creates AI Application for Face Recognition
Securing the IoT Environment
Programming a Social Robot to Help Around Campus
Alumni Highlight
Blood Donation on the Go
Drawing Class in the UAT Movement Studio
Zombies vs. Humans
Junior Achievement Financial Literacy Game
Underwater Robotics Heads to RoboSub 2020
Spring SIP Fair Showcases Student Innovation--And Resilience
Alumni Interview: Justin Anthony
Tech Tank
Meet New Freshmen
Student Spotlight: Ricky Martinez
The Provost Challenge
Bears, Tigers, Hedgehogs—OH MY!
Military Appreciation Night
Student Spotlight: Elijah McKay
UAT Students Use Video Games for Combatting COVID-19 Spread
The LOOMO Project, a UAT Transport Robot Internship
Don't Delete Zoom, But Watch Your Back
Cyber Security Threats During COVID-19: What to Be Aware Of
Live the Life You Deserve: A Message from Robert, UAT Grad Student and Assistant Director of Admissions
From UAT Parents to UAT Student Parents: You Got This
Financial Aid and the CARES Act
A View of SpaceX from Professor Nathan Eskue
What to Do While Social Distancing
Q&A with UAT Alum Yasmin Nejad
Dancing Robots and the Magical World of Tech
Global Game Jam 2020 Levels Up
Q&A with UAT Alum Tylene Robinson
Why You Should Pursue a Technology Degree - Top Emerging Careers in 2020
Data Privacy Best Practices According to Arizona Cyber Security Experts
CES: Connectivity, Robots and a New Reality
UAT Alum Become Storyists, Abroad
AR Escape Room Makes Phoenix News
It Doesn’t Matter if You Don’t Like Barbie’s Pink Spacesuit
Mark Tank: UAT Future Entrepreneurs Compete in a Sink-Or-Swim Competition
Tech Goes Wild - Phoenix Zoo Animals Visit UAT
Students Decorate Founder’s Hall for the Holidays
Sometimes, It IS Rocket Science
Students Put Their Innovation on Exhibit at SIP Showcase
Good Morning IoT Contest Turns AI Dreams into Reality
A Drone on Your Holiday Wishlist? Perimeter83's Jacy Smith Reviews 3 Popular Models
Tips for Shopping Safe Online This Holiday Season
Top 10 Kick Ass Tech Gifts NOT Everyone is Talking About...YET!
Count Us In: UAT Students Participate in Tempe Creatives for the Count
CodeDay 2019 Winners Announced
Honoring Veterans and UAT’s Founder, Dominic Pistillo
CodeDay Attracts Area Phoenix Students for a Programming Marathon
UAT invites local community to Military Appreciation Reception
8 UAT Cyber Degree Students Compete at the 2019 Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition
Happy Ada Lovelace Day!
Artificial Intelligence and Cars: Where Do We Stand?
UAT Ranked Among the Top 10 Best Video Game Design Colleges Online.
UAT's contributions to the local STEM ecosystem
The Hero's Toolkit for Navigating Your Career
Newbs, Just Ask! UAT Offers a True Community Experience
UAT Provost Dave Bolman addresses new concerns over FaceApp which makes you look old
The Hero's Toolkit for Navigating Your Career Campaign
Student Innovation Project (SIP)
What are DEFCON Groups (DCG or DC-Groups)?
UAT Student Develops HoloLens VR Project
BetterKeyer, a New Nuke Gizmo
Furniture Now Includes Technology
S#!T—Watch Your Language!
Experience a True Player Vs. Environment Game
Toasty Sec for Powershell
Women in Tech
You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me!
Gamers Galore
Hey… Suite Games!
Meet New Freshmen
Grab Your Bokken!
Think Tank Amplifies Creation
Grab Some Knowledge from The Commons
Foodies Welcome
Join Drew Carey for Breakfast
Evening Open House
Grow The Future Of Digital Marketing
Innovation at the Speed of Tech - UAT Launches 3 New Programs
UAT Finalist for 2019 Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards
Happy Father’s Day to the Father of Geeks – Nikolas Tesla
Happy Birthday, Army - From UAT
University of Advancing Technology Named Small/Medium Business of the Year by Greater Phoenix Chamber
UAT Ranked Top 20 Nationally for Game Design
How UAT Supports the Executive Order on America's Cybersecurity Workforce
UAT to Host CodeDay
Cybersecurity Thought Leader Dr. Rebecca Wynn Shares her Best Career Advice
How to Recruit More Women in Tech
How to Create a Killer YouTube Channel
How to Level Up Your Game Development Job Search
Why Technology Careers Work for Veterans
A Game Developer, Classical Singer and Slot Machines
The Truth about Being a Female Game Developer
We’re Called University Of Advancing Technology For A Reason…
Creating Technology Solutions for Higher Education
How Build Your Brand on Instagram
Arizona Businesses Face a Changing Cyber Landscape
UAT Wins Greater Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Award
UAT Provost Moderates Phoenix Business Journal Forum on Cyber
How a Business School Dropout Became a Robotics Engineer
Robotics Engineer to Software Developer
UAT Cybersecurity Team Holds Top Spot Over Stanford - Advances to Regional Finals
Arizona's Fight Against the Tech Talent Shortage
How to Make a VR Movie
Why You Should Study the Future
Arizona Has a Thriving Tech Community
Top 3 Tech Themes from CES 2019
My Favorite Tech at CES 2019
How to Network Your Way to a Job
How To Teach Budgeting Skills
Join Us Jan. 25th for the UAT Experience (UATx)
Making Mobile Apps for Medical Students
How to Write a College Application Essay like a Boss
Google's Year In Search and How Our Habits Continue to Evolve
How to Teach Computer Science
Reducing Risk, Improving Compliance & Lifting Weights
Online shopping with a VPN: Find deals and protect yourself
UAT Hosts 'VR for Good 2018 Summit, Sponsored By VR Voice & Baltu Studios'
UAT Digital Video Faculty & Students' Creation of "Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition" Viral Hit Makes Resurgence
The Future of Robotics and AI
5 Soft Skills Tech Nerds Need
UAT Featured: SI News Asks, “How Relevant Is VR?"
UAT Robotics Professor Demonstrates Advancing Technology at CactusCon
Game Professors Present VR at Science With A Twist
Trading in 2D Art for 3D Art
My Path to Security – How Gerben Kleijn Got into Security
Google Using Copyright Removals in Page Rank
UAT Hosted 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House
3 Tips for Growing Your Personal Brand
UAT Launches Certificate Programs in Cyber Security & Computer Science Programming
From Game Dev Student to Game Developer
Leading New Generations
UAT Promotes Cyber Security Awareness Month with Tips & Anecdotes
Klout Measures Your Social Media Marketing Influence
4 Elements of a Killer Cover Letter
Create a jQuery Website in a Day
From Graphic Designer to UX Designer
5 Takeaways from Our First Stratospheric Balloon Launch
The U.S. Cyber War Needs More Soldiers
Arizona Cyber Security Sector Needs More People Faster
Why You Should Study Blockchain
Preparing for a Career as a Disney Imagineer
Voice Recognition AI for Audio
Importance of Emotional Intelligence
Global Game Jam Winners: ‘Transmissions’ Well Received
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